The Colors We Choose, Pt. 1

This article is Part 1 of our Color Series. In the color series we will examine the psychology behind some of our favorite colors, ideas for innovative use both in home and lifestyle, their historical significance and more.


The colors we choose to design and fill our home arguably have the most affect on it’s overall energy and feel. But it’s also important to consider not only the color, but where that specific color is used. So a bright yellow bedroom might not be most ideal for overall relaxation, but a cheerful yellow kitchen could bring about warmth and abundance to your cooking experience. In part one of our Color Series we examine the three primary colors, what they mean, how they make us feel, and where we think you can use them best.


Red – the color of extremes, strength, warmth, stimulation, energy, excitement. As the direct color of both fire and blood, it’s said to reflect our most primal emotions. It also holds power in its past religious associations. In Greek Mythology, the red rose was a symbol for the cycle of growth and decay, while in Christianity the red rose is associated with the cross and bloodshed. Today, the red rose is the ultimate symbol of love and affection. Because of the intensity of the color, it’s recommended to use red throughout your home in accessories, rather than full wall decor. A deep red hue for your front door could be used to excite and enhance the emotional state of your incoming guest, or red countertops in the kitchen to encourage warmth and encouragement with ones cooking.




Blue is considered one of the most appealing primary colors. It is a color that suggest peace and serenity, most likely because it is the color of the sky and the ocean, two things that cause a sense of tranquility. Blue is also associated with intelligence, it has been proven that various shades of blue promote mental clarity and improve concentration. This would be a good color for a study or home-office, as it offers both relaxation and stimulation at the same time.




Yellow is the brightest color on the spectrum, and is the most noticeable by the human eye depending on its hue. It is no surprise that yellow means happiness and optimism, with its connection to our sun. It offers optimism, enhances creativity and overall awareness. It is believed that this color has a strong influence on the left side of our brain, which is where our perception dwells and deep thinking begins. With regard to ideals in fengshui and interior design, yellow is said to be a great color for the kitchen. It promotes abundance and richness, and is also a symbol of fertility and growth.





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